Monday, June 13, 2011

WOW! I need to catch up! ICHO Convention- Eureka, NV -- 2010

Last fall 2010, Morlin and I attended the ICHO (Curly Horse) Convention in Eureka, Nevada! We met some wonderful people, listened to great discussions and watched a great demo on Indian horse gear by Mitch. My favorite part was going to the Peter Damele ranch. In earlier times, they were big horse breeders. They had captured some local curly wild horses and had included them in their herd. One severe winter, most of their horses died-- except the curlies! One of Peter Damele's favorite stallions was a curly stud that was super friendly and gentle.

The ranch was out in the middle of nowhere-- alias Eureka, Nevada. They had built their farmhouse and outbuildings out of rocks and cedar logs. The roof was cedar thatch layers with mud plastered over it. They had updated the ranch house and added a metal roof on top of the thatch! Neat! They had used the local rock on their house, water trough and out buildings. Behind and west of the house was a spring with a creek flowing through a meadow deep in grass.

The ranch was so far-out that they were totally off -the-grid! --whether they liked it or not! There were alot of windmills, batteries.... KINDA NICE!

But the BEST was when we saw a bunch of wild horses running just south west of the ranch! It was cool to look at them in the binocs and see their curly manes and tails blowin' in the wind! FUN! FYI - they are the spec in the middle of the photo! The three sorrels in the front are curlies!

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