Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Arrivals! 2012

April 24, 2012, "Stardust" gave us another gorgeous black filly! (Mo Qui is a 2010 black CURLY full sister)  This girl is sired by "Dallas" -- sadly, she did not inherit his CURLS :< . She is super sweet and friendly. Of course, she is absolutely beautiful--- just like her mom!

"Creme", not to be outdone, gave us a HUGE palomino horse colt the next morning, April 25, 2012. He is out of "Dallas".  This is a photo of him on his first day in this world! This guy will be tall and has great round bone! He is one nice baby!

"Sapphire", due any day, is about to explode! I feel so bad for the mares when they get this heavy! Hopefully this foal will be CURLY like it's sire! :> 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Fools? --Naw--- this was for real!

I went out to the farm in Payson to feed the horses... I kept hearing this clanking noise. So I head over to the direction it is coming from... the big boys pen-- where we keep the geldings and the two stud colts.
As I round the corner this is what I see! As I get closer I pray that his head is going the right direction! (No broken neck) Luckily it is... and on closer inspection, it is "Chester" our 2 year old curly fox trotter stud. He is calmly (thank goodness) laying there upside down, pulling hay out of the V-feeder and eating it!
He is such a perfect fit for the feeder that there is no way I will get a rope around him.... no way I can muscle him out.. SOOO with my sweet tractor skills I hooked the opposite top bar of the V, lift the feeder up, the weight of "Chester" swings it,and the stud muffin plops out.
Thankfully he has a great disposition and did not struggle. As a precaution, I treat him for colic for a couple days, he is back to normal (IF he was EVER NORMAL!-- I love my curlies!)