Friday, July 20, 2012

The "Dallas" baby boys are 5 weeks!

I am so happy with MO Foxtrotter's stallion- "Dallas"-- he is producing awesome foals with LONG legs-- great reach, gait, disposition and curls (most of the time) His babies are awesome!

This is "Creme" and her "Dallas" boy.

And joining us is "Sapphire's" colt- "Cache"


Love Grandchildren!

Aren't grand children the best! 

YES! Jenn and Richard have TWINS! 

Emily..... Who has the "SMARSHMELLOWS?

The Narrows Ride, Payson Canyon 7/2012

View of the Alpine fire from Nebo Loop Road.

So one of my fav rides is up the Narrows, Payson Canyon. As you guessed, this trail goes up a narrow canyon, following the stream bed that made it! There are some amazing cliffs and narrow passages where you ride right up the streambed! (Great ride for a young horse getting familiar with water!)  It is full of wildflowers and butterflies! Kinda enchanting!

Yes, we went cross- country and NO there is no trail!