Friday, April 12, 2013

MO Star Fire--( Sapphire X Dallas ) She has the most BEAUTIFUL head! (Brains included!)

Star Fire as a weanling

Star Fire as a yearling

Star Fire in winter curls- 2 year-old

Harvest Festival- October 2012

We try to go to this local "Harvest Festival" It is fun for the grandchildren...
 AND the big boys are out elk hunting

Let's have some FUN!

Do you think I need to get a PONY?

Grandchildren are the BEST!


MFTHBA used one of my photos on the cover of their magazine! (The horses in heaven-- I mean in the pasture!)

FALL 2012 in Covered Bridge Canyon

I must admit, I live in the MOST beautiful place! Yes, I pinch myself! Here are some fall photos of my favorite things! 

SPOTS before my eyes!

COOL! Look at these SPOTS! 

"MO Cache"-- "Sapphire" x "Dallas"

"Cache" (weanling) and "Sapphire"

"MO Alladdin"
 "Cream" x "Dallas"(his spots are a little harder to see!)
"MO Dallas Cowboy"
"Gypsy" x "Dallas" - yearling (His spots are hard to see! They are darker chestnut spots!)

"Dallas" a few dark chestnut spots, and some       white spots! 
Soooooo..... I check my horses in the pasture... the palomino weanling has rub spots on him? I keep checking him, the later in the summer, the more spots he gets! I know that I did NOT breed his mom "Sapphire" to an Appaloosa, I recall breeding her to "Dallas"! Handled that one myself! Does he have a skin problem? The spots are all over, same size and spaced pretty even.
    Looking it up, I find out "Dallas" has "Bend Or" (name of a race horse) or medicine spots! He has dark spots and white spots! (I was told it was because he is out of a roan mare! ) The spots show up on chestnuts and palominos! Sure enough, Cache, Alladdin,  and Cowboy all have the SPOTS! Way to go "Dallas"!