Friday, April 12, 2013

SPOTS before my eyes!

COOL! Look at these SPOTS! 

"MO Cache"-- "Sapphire" x "Dallas"

"Cache" (weanling) and "Sapphire"

"MO Alladdin"
 "Cream" x "Dallas"(his spots are a little harder to see!)
"MO Dallas Cowboy"
"Gypsy" x "Dallas" - yearling (His spots are hard to see! They are darker chestnut spots!)

"Dallas" a few dark chestnut spots, and some       white spots! 
Soooooo..... I check my horses in the pasture... the palomino weanling has rub spots on him? I keep checking him, the later in the summer, the more spots he gets! I know that I did NOT breed his mom "Sapphire" to an Appaloosa, I recall breeding her to "Dallas"! Handled that one myself! Does he have a skin problem? The spots are all over, same size and spaced pretty even.
    Looking it up, I find out "Dallas" has "Bend Or" (name of a race horse) or medicine spots! He has dark spots and white spots! (I was told it was because he is out of a roan mare! ) The spots show up on chestnuts and palominos! Sure enough, Cache, Alladdin,  and Cowboy all have the SPOTS! Way to go "Dallas"!

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