Monday, March 22, 2010

I can't wait 'til spring! Today (March 22nd) I saw a new foal! <: CUTE! So now I am getting excited for our arrivals--- I have awhile to wait, June 5th to be exact! Our first arrival should be "Gypsy's". Hopefully she is a curly! "Gypsy" is bred to "DCC Vegas". Then "Princess" is due the week of June 19th. "Princess" is bred to a 16.1 hand palomino stud -"Gypsy's Yellow major L.", alias "Texas"- that is out of "Gypsy". "Princess", a sooty buckskin, has given us buckskins when bred to palomino. FUN!

MO Foxtrotter mares bred to "Dallas" 2009

OKAY! I am so excited to see what "Dallas" produces. This is better than Christmas. The mares that are bred to "Dallas" are: "Gandy", a buckskin based grey-- due July 21, 2010, "Stardust" , a so gaited sweet buckskin, due June 29, 2010, "Tasha', a black and white curly paint, due: Sept. 30, 2010, and "Roxy" a gorgeous amber champagne, due Sept. 19, 2010. See photo of the mares!