Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Manzanita" aka "Mansey" one of our fav mares.

"Mansey" is a classic champagne in color, with the grey gene. (DARN) She was a stunning color before she greyed out. This is a sweet mare. One year John was taking her on a hunting trip. He had his saddle bags and a sleeping bag tied on back of the saddle. He went to get on Mansey and swung his leg over..... but his leg hooked the stuff behind the saddle. John's leg, the saddle bag, and the saddle continued swinging over and ended up beneath the horse. --John included!-- Mansey just stood in place, then looked at John hanging upside down underneath her belly like.....What are you doing? NICE HORSE!

"Mansey" in the shade

Rich's B-day 06

We love to party! Happy birthday Richard!

The Boys 2006

Richard, Sam, John, Chad, and Morlin

Meet the "Pets"

"Harley" is our Great Pyrennes dog. She is the protector of the people, the horses, and the chickens! One summer day she was running around with her head in the air and was running into things. I looked up to see what she was looking at, and there was a hawk flying overhead, trying to pick up a chick or two! She also sleeps with the horses or wherever she wants! YES, she is LIVESTOCK!

Ponce de Lion, aka Pounce, is KING!

Ponce is THE resident cat around here, he pretty much rules this joint! His fav person is Rich Kid. Jenn and Pounce are in competition for Rich now! Anyone want to place bets on who wins?

Georgie--aka frog dog, killer

Georgie is Ruth and Lincoln's dog. She is fierce and fast! As Sarah put it: She runs like a greased rabbit! Chad, our track star, can not catch the little mutt!

First Snow!

Looking north from our home.

Sarah and Kara camping.

Notice that Sam loves to build fires? It's a Boy Scout thing.

So... Sam is smiling at the camera and his marshmallow ignites! BIG TIME!

....and of course, Sam waved the marshmallow in the air to put out the flaming blob of sugar....

Yes! We shoot animals! REDNECKS!

John is highly visable in hunter orange!

Ridin' Buds

John decided it was unsafe for Sam to ride alone, so he bought a bike to ride with his best buddy!

Sam and his new bike!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sam & Sarah

Snow Day!

Rich Kid checking snow depths in Fairview

Our fam has lots of fun together-- Dawg pile-- Lake Powell 2006

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dallas at 2 years

I had Tamera A put a month of training on "Dallas" She rated him at a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Awesome. She said he was submissive and would do what she asked of him! Not bad for a 2 year old stud!. Also, we measured him-- he is 15.2 hands! YES!

Dallas at 2 years

Dallas at 1 year.

Sassy and "DCC Dallas" curly stud colt 2006

This is my new stud prospect. He's dual registered MFTHBA and ICHO. He also has incredible breeding-- his mom is a "Toddy's Perfection" daughter, and none of his curly lines include "Walker' Prince" lines. COOL!

Roxy and Rock Star- summer 2007

Sassy and Roan Ranger 2007 (1 day)

Gypsy 2006

Gandy and Hey Baby 2007 (1 day old)

Sam getting AIR!

Best day ever at the dunes! Go Sammy! Go!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hangin' on the ole top rail...... Sunday stroll, summer 2007

The horse pasture 2007. Sarah and "Angel" (sold)

Sam and Sarah and "Sonny" (sold)

"Princess" and "Daydreamer" (sold)

"Roxy" and "Rock Star" (sold)

The fam visiting the herd.

Chad with "Gypsy" and "Princess" 2007

See ya later!

Lake Powell

So many toys, So little time..... Sam and Sarah.

Bonifide Bonfire-- no that is not a midget in the background!

Rich kid -- Out of line!

Rich kid

Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy: Lake Powell theme

Sam and Sarah: Livin' the DREAM!

Perfect water-- Sam wakeboarding

M. O. fishing

Lake Powell babes

Pastey Gangsters


Hanging out on top.