Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Fools? --Naw--- this was for real!

I went out to the farm in Payson to feed the horses... I kept hearing this clanking noise. So I head over to the direction it is coming from... the big boys pen-- where we keep the geldings and the two stud colts.
As I round the corner this is what I see! As I get closer I pray that his head is going the right direction! (No broken neck) Luckily it is... and on closer inspection, it is "Chester" our 2 year old curly fox trotter stud. He is calmly (thank goodness) laying there upside down, pulling hay out of the V-feeder and eating it!
He is such a perfect fit for the feeder that there is no way I will get a rope around him.... no way I can muscle him out.. SOOO with my sweet tractor skills I hooked the opposite top bar of the V, lift the feeder up, the weight of "Chester" swings it,and the stud muffin plops out.
Thankfully he has a great disposition and did not struggle. As a precaution, I treat him for colic for a couple days, he is back to normal (IF he was EVER NORMAL!-- I love my curlies!)

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