Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Children are the BEST!

Sorry to bore you, but I know my grandkids are the BEST!

Don't you love Saydee's chubby cheeks! She has them at both ends! If I may quote my favorite oldest son John, FAT is cute until you are 8 years old!

WE have an abundance of grand daughters and they are FUN and full of life! One day Charlie walked in wearing her Tinkerbell costume and I said "Hi Charlie!" She looked at me and said-- "Grandma, I'm Tinkerbell!"

Our grandsons, Eddie and baby Milo are the calm ones of the bunch!

WE went camping with Charlie and Andie and family-- Of Course, we brought horses. Andie took a shine To "Jack" our black fox trotter gelding. She now includes him in family prayers and asks Grandpa "How's Yack?"
Morlin and I slept in the horse trailer and the girls and John slept in their camper. The next morning, Charlie, 3 years old, wanted to see our "Camper". When I opened the trailer and she saw all the horse poop, she was pretty disgusted! "Grandma B-- you slept in there?"
After a early morning ride, we ate breakfast. Of course, Business was pretty upset that he was NOT invited and helped himself!

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