Friday, July 15, 2011

MORE foals!

"Sapphire" delivered a gorgeous curly filly on April 25th. "MO Starfire" is sired by "DCC Vegas. This filly is absolutely gorgeous with a pretty dished head (brains included), great disposition, people friendly, and smart! Can you tell I am in love with this girl?

So crazy weather!! About 1 week before "Sapphire" delivered, we had put her in the galvanized panel shed under the barn. I was in the coverall barn getting horse feed and it sounded like a train was bearing down on me! I looked out the door-- the wind was blowing so hard that my car was moving side to side!
As I stood in the doorway of the coverall barn, I watched the metal roofing on our hay barn peel off like a big sardine can. The sheets flew over our horse corrals and into the neighbors field. The horses ran to the far corner of the field, all except "Mansey" who would rather die than miss a chance to eat! All competition gone--she headed for the manger-- directly in the path of the sheets of metal flying overhead-- and happily munched on the hay, oblivious to the overhead danger! (That's my girl!-- I feel the same way about chocolate! )
After the micro-burst windstorm, I walked around and did a head count (literally) on my horses-- none of them were hurt! Not even "Mansey"! Half of the barn roof had ripped off and flown into the next field and some landed in the top of our horse field next to the fence!
When I checked under the hay barn, the wind was so strong it pushed the heavy steel panels on "Sapphire's" stall and she was sandwiched between them-- A big fat pregnant mare -- no spare room around her! Luckily she stayed calm and had stood where the water barrel and stall door had braced the walls from totally closing in on her. Good horse! CRAZY DAY!

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